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Happiness stems from the core and so does Zennoa.

Zennoa’s Core Care, a full-spectrum Omega Blend, is specifically designed to target your core health by taking the purest omegas, sustainably and naturally sourced from around the world, and balancing one against another until the final blend is perfectly suited to support your heart, brain, joints, digestion, and skin. 

Our History

Zennoa was born 30 years ago as a dream to improve people’s lives.

Our founder, John Wadsworth, is regarded as the father of the superfoods movement. His dream and vision for improvement has been the impetus behind three separate direct sales companies. After discovering noni in Tahiti in 1994, John had a desire to share what he had found with the world. His vision was to help others find more peace, balance and freedom through better health, financial stability, and lifestyle. This desire and idea is called Zennoa.

Zennoa is changing the game again. We invite you to come with us and Find Your Zennoa. 



We believe that anyone can find balance and freedom if given the right tools. The Zennoa opportunity is a tool to help you discover them for yourself. Join us for a more balanced and autonomous way of earning a living.

Zennoa combines the best of all that’s old and new. Our infrastructure and foundation have been designed over years of careful observation and experience at the world’s most successful network marketing companies. Our fresh approach and recent launch, however, mean ground-level opportunities with terrific potential for expansion and leadership.

Feel better.
Think better.
Live better.

Be Your Zennoa