Creating Vision in Our Lives

Published: 12/20

Hey everyone,

I love this season.

It’s a time to consider the future of our lives as we anticipate the beginning of a new year.

I have always been driven by vision.

You may know of the vision I had standing on a mountain on the island of Nuku Hiva. Although this happened nearly a quarter century ago, it still drives me today and will for as long as I live.

That simple, single vision has changed lives and created an industry.

Vision is our guide. Inspiring our hearts and directing our decisions. Remember the old proverb, “Where there is no vision the people perish.”

Creating vision in our lives is essential to reaching our potential.

I have another vision which will begin with the new year called the Precision Plus Plan. I believe this to be the future of Network Marketing.

This plan is simple, fair, exact and can easily predict your future payment. It is based on four guiding principles: loyalty, sharing, team building and leadership.

You will see more of this in the coming days, and you will again see an industry change because of vision.

Let’s create VISION.



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