Tips for Keeping a Positive Mindset

Published: 5/31

The power of positivity isn’t a myth; it’s a reality. Maintaining a positive attitude is critical to achieving greatness or just improving the overall quality of your life.
Here are some tips to help you maintain your positive attitude.

  1. Determine Your Reality – When you get stressed out by other people’s problems, take a step back and remind yourself that you determine your reality. Don’t let negative people or experiences change this. Just because one door closes, doesn’t mean another door doesn’t open.
  2. Start Strong – Instead of dreading the alarm clock every morning, create a positive routine that reinforces how great it is to be alive. Spend five minutes reflecting on the positive things in life over a cup of coffee or spend the morning cuddling with your kids; the power of positivity sets the pattern for the rest of your day.
  3. Exercise – Exercise is the natural happy drug because it releases positive chemicals into the bloodstream, which then travel to your brain and remind you how great it is to be alive.
  4. Self Help – Harness the positive power of audio, books and videos to help overload your brain with positivity. List to inspiring stories about people that overcame adversity to live the life of their dreams. Tap into these positive emotions to learn how to create and live a more positive lifestyle.
  5. Positive People – Analyze the people around you. Experts say that the five people you spend the most time with have similar levels of income and health, as well as lifestyles to you. If you surround yourself with negative-thinking people, chances are you’ll feel down, depressed and blue most days. Start hanging out with people that are positive and full of energy because you’ll naturally embrace and reflect these same attitudes.
  6. Show Appreciation – Start a positive chain reaction in the world by complementing or smiling at someone. The smallest actions can make the biggest impacts.
  7. Change Your Language – If someone asks you how you are, how do you respond? If you say you’re “fine,” is that a reflection of someone going through the world at a mediocre pace? Instead, embrace positivity and tell people you’re doing “fantastic.” We guarantee this positive spark is contagious.
  8. Stop Negative Thoughts – If negative thoughts are trying to regurgitate into your brain, stop them dead in their tracks. Erase negative thoughts by beating them with positive ideas. End the self-destructive negative thought pattern by banishing these thoughts and replacing them with something positive. For example, if you’re sad, start humming your favorite song. Soon, your mood will change for the better, and those negative thoughts will be banished.
  9. Gratitude – Live your life with gratitude by keeping a journal where you write down everything you are grateful for each night or during the day.
  10. Recharge – Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and recharge your batteries. Whether it means going on vacation or taking a few hours to read a book about positive self-healing, take the time you need to focus and restore your energy.

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