Exercise Outdoors and Find Your ZENNOA

Published: 5/17

Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. The days are starting to get brighter and warmer. One of the best ways to tap into your ZENNOA is to move your gym workout outdoors. Exercising outdoors has many health benefits!

Physically Active

Exercising outdoors involves being in a constantly changing environment. Instead of having a flat road on a treadmill, you are immersed in challenging terrain, which means the harder your body has to work. While cardio machines at the gym are an excellent way to get in a fat-burning workout, repetitive movement patterns aren’t great for our bodies. Outdoors you can replicate these movements by going running, jogging, walking or hiking in a changing environment that helps to strengthen your connective tissues.

Wind Resistance

Did you know that wind resistance can help you burn more calories? Cycling or running outdoors offers some natural wind resistance. If you are in a strong headwind, you actually burn more calories because your body works harder to compensate for the resistance it’s facing. A tailwind helps you move faster, which helps activate and elongate the larger muscle fibers that give you strength and definition.

Save Money

While there are many benefits to a gym, if you want to manage some of your expenses, the spring and summer months are great for pausing your membership and heading outdoors to exercise and save money. However, this may only work for people that have a fitness partner willing to head outdoors with them or are extra motivated to exercise on their own and succeed.

Meet Locals

If you have a nearby park or a community area for exercise, you can meet your neighbors and other nearby people. Staying connected with your community can help you grow positive relationships, which helps improve and boost overall mental health. Focus on building a real-life social network instead of a virtual one on Facebook or Instagram.

Book Family Time

Spending time outdoors with your family is good! Instead of taking a fitness class without your kids, incorporate outdoor playtime for your kids while you get a calorie-burning workout in. Whether it’s playing with your kids on the playground (monkey bars are hard!), going for a hike, playing catch with your dog or riding bikes, it’s important that you instill a love of exercise and the great outdoors in your children.

Health Benefits

Research suggests that exercising outdoors helps to boost energy levels further, helps people feel more revitalized, decreases anger, depression, and tension and more people report a better overall workout experience. Sounds like a win-win to us!

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